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Company Overview

Wuhan YZY Biopharma Co.,Ltd., a leading biotechnology company, was founded in 2010. YZY has its headquarters (4000m2) with administrative functions, Antibody R&D Lab, Quality Team and Pilot Production Lines (800m2) at Biolake Wuhan,Hubei,China,and a cGMP commercial scale production faciling is under construction. Our vision is to develop new class of innovative medicines based on breakthrough discovery in molecular biology .  

There are approximately 100 employees--3 of them are foreign experts ,six of them hold doctor’s degree, more than 40% hold master’s degree.

Our company is committed to anti-tumor Bispecific antibody development, of which two Bispecific antibodies have been submitted IND application in China, and several innovative drugs are in pre-clinical stage. The company has been approved three Y-BODY bispecific antibody structure platform PCT patents, four patents of molecular structure and technology,and 16 patents of domestic invention. More than 30 products and technology patents have been accepted.

As our scientists continue to investigate molecular targets to impact a broad range of human cancers, the possibility of targeting these previously "undruggable"targets with bispecific antibodies, is coming true and becoming part of new drug discovery. We wish one day we could achieve our vision ——to minimize tumor hazard and promote human health!

Mission and Vision
    To minimize tumor hazard and promote human health by developing innovative biologics and personalized medicine. 
    To build a world-class biomedical research company, leading tumor targeted drugs development, to provide an excellent platform of making self-achievement and contributing to society.
    Innovation,Profession,Team Work,Win-Win .
Calendar of Events

    July.2010-- Founded in Wuhan Tongji Medical College Public Health School

    Aug.2010-- Initiation of early development of bispecific antibodies

    Dec.2010-- The strategic development and production of tumor therapeutic antibody was determined.

    Mar. 2011-- Settled in Biolake and signed a cooperation agreement with Beckman

    June. 2011-- Been approved the fourth "3551" Talents Plan

    Nov. 2011-- Received "Ten Outstanding Contribution Enterprise“ award from Biolake

    Dec. 2011-- Built 4000 ㎡of research and development Center

    Apr. 2012-- A research center for Individualized medicine had been established

    Aug. 2012-- CD133/CD3 Project obtained National Natural Science Fund

    Nov. 2012-- Award for Best Innovative activities

    Dec. 2012-- Built up 2 250L-GMP pilot production lines

    Mar.2013-- Been elected "China Protein Drug Quality Alliance" executive Director Unit

    May .2013-- Approved Strategic New Industries Cluster Project by NDRC

    June. 2013-- Approved the sixth "3551" Talents Plan

    Dec. 2013-- Completed HER2/CD3 and EPCAM/CD3 molecular structure confirmation

    Apr. 2014-- Establishment of individualized diagnosis and treatment research center

    June. 2014-- HER2/CD3 Project had been approved the "Twelfth Five " Creation of Major New drugs special

    Dec. 2014-- Started to promote internal control and overall budget management

    Dec. 2014-- HER2/CD3 and EPCAM/CD3 Project completed process development

    Feb.2015-- HER2/CD3 project completed the third batch pilot production

    Mar. 2015-- Dual-function antibody patent officially approved by USPTO

    2015-- EPCAM/CD3 Project had been approved listed in the "Twelfth Five " Creation of Major New Drugs Special

    2015-- Began to carry out domestic and oversea investment and business cooperation

    May. 2016-- EPCAM/CD3 project completed to the provincial Bureau of CFDA

    May.2016-- Got A round of investment by Pan-Lin Asset Management Co., Ltd and Shenogen Pharma Group

    July .2016-- Began the construction of new complex building

    Dec.2016-- Been approved by Wuhan Bureau of Commerce as a joint venture

    Feb.2017-- IND application of EPCAM/CD3 accepted by CDE

    Feb.2017-- The company's platform patent had been authorized by USPTO(35 target protection)

    Mar.2017-- HER2/CD3 Project completed CDE review meeting

    Apr.2017-- Molecular structure patents of HER2/CD3 were authorized

    Apr.2017-- Been awarding "Hubei province immunization target antibody drug engineering Technology Research Center"

    June.2017-- Molecular structure patents of EPCAM/CD3 were authorized

    June.2017-- HER2/CD3 project and PD-L1/CD3 project approved by "Thirteen-Five" Major New Drug Creation special budget

    June.2017-- Basic technology research project approved by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau

    Aug.2017-- Completed the construction of new complex building