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Adoptive Immune Cell Therapy

Adoptive immune cell therapy represents an emerging and promising modality for the treatment of both infectious disease and cancer. In cancer immunotherapy, autologous tumor-specific effector cells such as CIKs, LAKs, TILs, NKs, and CTLs, are extracted from the patient, modified and cultured in vitro and returned to the same patient. These early generation of Immune Cell Therapies have been successful for some patients, but considerable limitations and challenges in uncertain efficacy. The approval of CAR-T therapy by FDA initiate a new era of immune cell therapy, but CAR-T is an expensive choice and may cause serious adverse reaction.

Our proprietary technology can help old generation of cell immune therapy like CIK,NK cells convert to ‘target therapy’. This technology is easier to carry out and cheaper than CAR-T. It provides a “bridge” to connect the immune cell and cancer cell with the help of YBODY® bispecific antibody. With only two steps of simple and rapid process,YBODY® can make the immune cells be targeting, significantly improve efficacy,reduce the quantity of reinfusion immune cells. 

These technologies have show promising future in preclinical development:

YBODY® Armed-CIK-Cells (ACC)

YBODY® Armed-NK-Cells (ANC)