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News! Bispecific antibody platform technology of Wuhan YZY Biopharma won a comprehensive patentable protection.

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Recently, core patent BISPECIFIC ANTIBODY (Patent No.: US9562110) of bispecific antibody platform technology of Wuhan YZY Biopharma Co., Ltd. was expanded the claims of application and granted in the United States (patent No.: US9562110, issue date was February 7, 2017). After the expansion of the patent, the company will protect the existing platform of CD3 bispecific antibody technology, and 35 drug-targets on common tumors such as breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer,leukemia and so on, which were based on the platform. Dr. Zhou Pengfei, who was first inventor of the patent and CEO of YZY Biopharma, said:” this patent covers a wide range of known tumor targets, which has created a new situation for the R&D of innovative drugs in oncology, and indicates that bio-pharmaceutical technologies of china has been stepped up to the next level and, moreover, new hopes are brought to cancer patients. ”

Bispecific antibody is important in R&D of next generation antibody drugs. As a leading company on bispecific antibody in China, Wuhan YZY BioPharma Co., Ltd.has successfully developed a series of bispecific antibody products through the patented technology. Two of them, "anti-HER2XCD3 bispecific antibody"and "anti-EpCAMxCD3 bispecific antibody" were in 2014 and 2015 won support of the national Twelve-Five special project of major new drug creation, which is the first to submit an application of new drug registration and successfully entered the evaluation phase in CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation). The two drugs are intended for treatment of breast, stomach, ovarian, malignant cancer and neoplastic ascites (especially ovarian, colorectal, hepatic and cancerous ascites).

YZY Biopharma company adhering to the concept of “the answer to cancer", independently innovate and develope new technologies, new targets and new products, vigorously promote the development of cancer drugs, and safeguard human health!