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    •   Founded YZY Bio pharma and served as CEO since 2010

    •   Dr. Zhou has over a decade of experience in drug R&D and experience in cancer biology and immunology, more than 20 patents and more than 30 in immunology and oncology
    •   Founder and former CEO of YZY Medical—a leading Chinese Individual medical enterprise
    •   Executive director of Immunology, Crown Bioscience Inc
    •   Postdoctoral scientist in immunology at Stanford University and Schering-Plough (currently Merck Laboratories). 

    •   Ph.D. in molecular immunology from McMaster University    

    •   Began career as a surgeon in oncology at Shenzhen Second People's Hospital      

    •   M.S. degree in surgery (pediatric oncology) from Tongji Medical University

    •   B.S. degree in medicine from Tongji Medical University 

  • VP

    •    Dr. Yi has over 20 years of working experience in Biopharm/Biotech industrials, 

          focusing on new drug development. has over 50 scientific research articles 

          published on international journals and books, and awarded 3 international patents

    •    Former director of Protein Analytical System in WuXi Biologics (Shanghai)
    •    Principal Scientist of Becton Dickinson & Company
    •    Assistant Professor of MolecularDiagnostics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine-NYU
    •    Postdoctoral Researcher at Fox-Chase Cancer Center-UPENN

    •    Ph.D. in Biochemistry from The StateUniversity of New Jersey (Rutgers University)

    •    M.S. degree in Physical Chemistry from the Central-South University

    •    B.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry from the Central-South University

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