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Our Culture

We are a technology driven innovation enterprise, we develop innovative drugs to reduce tumor pain as our the main objective. We look forward to leading individualized medicine and cancer therapy in the field of innovation, research and progress, so that can contribute to the development of human health.

As the old saying goes, “Other birds dare not live on the sycamore trees, because the parasol tree are only prepared for the Phoenix.” We are willing to be your “ parasol tree”, to create a good environment, so that everyone can show his or her talent. You are welcome to join us as a young and diverse team, and you are welcome to join the difficult and exciting career of new drugs development.

Voices from our enthusiastic, hardworking team members

  • Deputy Director

    YZYBIO is the first company in China which lead bispecific antibodies to the clinic trail, and I  it could be the world's leading biopharma company. Working in this company faces many challenges, but  when our product has a good effect not only in the treatment of liquid tumor, but also in solid tumor ,and  shows great potential in combination therapy, cell therapy and immune therapy, you will find everything you do worth it.

  • Scientist

    YZYBIO’s cultureis friendly and aggressive, and the atmosphere of research isrelaxed. Supervisors respect people's ideas . Everyone here can givefull play to their potential, it’s a very good platform. The company hasbrought us all together to work for the creation of innovative drugs forcancer, and every day is so fulfilling!

  • Assistant Manager

    I have been workingfor many years in YZYBIO, witnessed the company established advanced antibodydiscovery, cell lines, process development and quality control platforms, whichturned the concept of treatment into several excellent tumor drug. I wish I cancontinue to witness the birth of excellent innovative drugs and continue torelieve the cancer patients

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