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Wuhan YZY Biopharma Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing bispecific antibody (BsAb)-based therapies to treat cancer-associated complications, cancer and age-related ophthalmologic diseases to address medical demands in oncology and aging-related ophthalmologic disease areas.

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Tumor is one of the leading causes of human death. Tumor is a new organism formed when a cell in a local tissue loses its normal regulation of its growth at the genetic level under the action of various carcinogenic factors, resulting in its clonal abnormal proliferation. Currently, most evidence supports the idea that tumors are monoclonal, i.e., that all cancer cells in a tumor cell population proliferate from a single mutant cell. Tumors may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). Immuno-oncology, especially immune checkpoint inhibitor (including bispecific antibodies) and CAR-T cell therapy, are considered as a breakthrough to the treatment of cancer. Hence, YZYBIO devoted a significant amount of effort into the research and development of anti-tumor drugs candidates. Our current pipelines include M701, Y101D, Y150, M802, and Y332.

Age-related Disease

Age-related disease is one of YZYBIO’s focus areas. Neurodegenerative diseases, degenerative Spine Conditions, degenerative joint and bone disease, age-related macular degeneration etc. are typical clinically geriatric diseases. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a structural abnormal of the macula caused by aging. AMD is mostly observed in the cohort over 45 years old, and the prevalence of this disease is higher in older people,serving as the major reason for blindness and other visual impairments. Most of them are round lesions with normal appearance, blurred vision, deformed vision, and central shadow in the eye. According to fundus symptoms, they are divided into dry age macular degeneration (dAMD) (atrophic) and wet age macular degeneration (wAMD) (exudative ): mild pigmentation disorder in the macula in the early stage of dAMD, the foveal reflection is unclear or disappeared, scattered with drusen, and in the late stage, there may be gold foil-like changes, geographic pigment epithelium atrophy, cyst-like deformation or lamellar holes; in wAMD, macular pigmented epithelial disorders in the early stage, foveal reflection disappear or diffuse, drusen often merge, macular edema, hemorrhage and exudation, retinal serous or hemorrhagic detachment, neovascularization in the mid-stage, and formation of circular disc-shaped scars in the late-stage. YZYBIO has developed Y400 for wAMD, diabetic macular edema (DME) and other ocular neovascularization-related diseases.


Prophylactic vaccines are one of YZYBIO’s major research and development area. Vaccines are proteins that target pathogens or are essential for pathogenic infections (polypeptides, peptides), polysaccharides or nucleic acids, one or more components, directly or through vehicle immunization into the body and induce the body to produce specific humoral and/or cellular immunity, so that the body obtains immunity to prevent the disease. Currently, the application of vaccines has evolved from disease prevention to disease treatment, and there are prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines: prophylactic vaccines are autoimmune preparations made from pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, etc.) and their metabolites, which are artificially attenuated, inactivated or genetically modified for the prevention of infectious diseases, and such vaccines retain the immunogenic properties of pathogens and can safely induce an immune response that confers protection against infection; Therapeutic vaccines refer to natural, synthetic or recombinant gene expression products or products expressed by genetic recombinant technology in organisms that have been infected with pathogenic microorganisms or already had certain diseases, by inducing specific immune responses to treat or prevent the progression of diseases. Currenlty, there are five major technical routes of vaccines against novel coronaviruses in the world: inactivated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine, and nucleic acid vaccine. Y2019 is a new recombinant SARS-CoV-2 subunit protein vaccine developed by YZYBIO in cooperation with Wuhan Institute of Virology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. YZYBIO has completed Phase Ia clinical trial for Y2019, and obtained approval from the ethic committee in July 2022 to commence a Phase IIa clinical trial of Y2019 in China.

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